20 Things PIs Can Do For Lawyers

Ever wonder how come criminal lawyers bring hidden documents and unexpected eye witnesses to the courtroom and change the game? Well, this is something no lawyer want to talk about, but people should know what they really do, and that’s legally allowed. Criminal lawyers and family law attorneys, both use services of private detectives to dig deep into the case. In fact, they’re the top clients of popular investigator agencies like Investigation Hotline Toronto. But, these services are not only meant for lawyers, common people may also use their services.


For example, you can hire a private investigator Toronto to keep an eye on your spouse, and find any unusual activity that could help you in the divorce case you’re about to file. If you wouldn’t, your lawyer definitely would.

How PIs Help Lawyers

Private investigators can provide a wide array of services for law firms. Below is a short list of the most common ways private investigators can help law firms around the world. But these are just a few of hundreds of other things that could be added to this list.

Experienced private detectives can track a current address or former address(es) of the suspect.

You’ll need a private investigation agency to validate date of birth, determining known aliases and/or Social Security number

You can locate birth, death, marriage and/or divorce filings with the help of private detectives.

Private investigators agency can locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding

They are hired to unearth information client/prosecution/witness is trying to keep hidden.

They can research current and/or historical property holdings and market value

Private investigators are also hired to locate bankruptcy records, judgments, liens and Uniform Commercial Code filings

They can help you manage sensitive situations

You may want to locate, retrieve and analyze local, state and federal civil and criminal lawsuits against a person, and private investigators can do just that.

PIs can find out and obtain copies of police reports, arrest records and mugshots

Sometimes, professional private can provide independent analysis on any case that can be more than helpful for the lawyers.

Private investigators can help locate up to date contact information and phone numbers of the suspect.

Private detectives can identify the owner of a home or cell phone number

They can identify business affiliations and retrieve and analyze corporate records

PIs can Identify and scrutinize employment and education histories

If you want to locate and interview current or former employees or executives, you can hire private detectives.

You can hire a detective agency to “Dig up dirt” on opposing parties

If you need to research family history, private investigators are there to help you.

Most of the time, lawyers hire private investigator agency to locate and interview witnesses or interested parties for a civil or criminal lawsuit

Private investigators can help lawyers locate and search for hidden (and not so hidden) assets and identify undisclosed relationships between parties.

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