4 Signs It’s Time To Seek Separation

People get married with the hope that their marriage will last forever. Couples are usually determined to do everything they can to make their marriage work. One of the toughest decisions that we all make is choosing our life partner. Making a decision to separate from that one person is even tougher. Separation is tougher for couples with children because it disrupts their place of comfort and security. However, staying in an unhealthy relationship sometimes hurts the children more than leaving. Here are the telltale signs that it is time for separation.


1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse often starts with emotional abuse. Domestic violence is not only risky for you but also for your children if you have any. You do not need any other reason to separate from your partner when conflicts turn physical. Get an attorney to guide you on how to file for separation in Georgia immediately. Some individuals have lost their lives while others live with permanent disabilities because of holding on to violent partners. Your partner needs professional help to deal with anger first because he or she can get into another relationship.

2. Chronic Breach of Trust

Adultery is one of the reasons that many couples separate. It is possible for a marriage to get through the consequences of infidelity including the broken trust. Some partners recommit themselves to a marriage and remain faithful after one incidence of infidelity. However, if your partner is a serial adulterer, you need to leave him or her. You do not need to take more excuses for unfaithfulness. The emotional strain will eventually affect your physical health if you do not take action on time.

3. Drug or Substance Abuse

Drug abuse is a common problem in many homes. If the person involved is willing to get professional help, you can save the marriage by checking him or her into a rehab. However, if your partner is unwilling to quit drug abuse, consider filing for a separation. Drug abuse often leads to physical abuse and financial strain. The person uses family resources to sustain his or her behavior. Most partners hold on to the marriage because they feel guilty for leaving their spouses in the worst state. However, you will continue to hurt and struggle to keep your family together if your partner is unwilling to break the addiction.

4. Loneliness

Busy work schedules often get in the way of building lasting relationships. Sometimes work schedules change after marriage and one partner starts feeling lonely while the other is away. Without a proper plan of how you will spend quality time together despite the schedule, your marriage cannot survive. Check the reasons why your partner is withdrawn or always on a work or business trip. If he or she is unwilling to sacrifice to spend time with you, a separation is necessary. You do not need to stay married and lonely while your partner spends all his or her time with close friends.

A separation is not an easy decision because we all aim at creating a stable environment for our children. However, if you are facing any of the issues outlined above, a separation is necessary. You will have to deal with the negative emotions and instability that come with it but eventually, it does pay off. Do not stay in an unhealthy relationship because of children. Your happiness and peace of mind are equally important.

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