5 Facts You Need To Know About DUI

The DUI is nothing but Driving under Influence and these cases are commonly found these days. People are more likely to drink alcohol due to work stress and tensions. There are many cases where people drive in the impaired condition after attending a party or official occasion. According to the Michael Engel DUI Law the drink and drive case has many rules to be followed and there are severe penalties that should be paid by the accused. It’s quite common to drink and drive by the people today, but is it the right to break the rules of government? Well it’ not about breaking the rules, but it’s about one’s life. Driving in an impaired condition can also take place an accident and can cause harm to one’s life.

According to the toronto dui defence lawyer, there are some facts about DUI which should be known by everyone whose having vehicles, along with the people who often drives in the impaired condition. It would be better to understand the rules of the DUI as it would be helpful when one has to face the situation near the officers during the checkpoints. The fair knowledge on anything is helpful to face any legal issues during the DUI case.

Here we would discuss five facts which should be known about the DUI:

  1. BAC limits: First thing one should know about the DUI is the limit of BAC which means the rate or limit of Blood Alcohol Content. As per the reports of the toronto DUI law firm, intoxication limits always differs according to the age and license provided. For example, if you’re over 21 years old with no special license then the legal BAC limit would be up to 0.08% and if you have a commercial license then it would be limit of 0.04%. Below the age of 21 the rate is 0.00% and even if they take cough medicine while driving they can be pulled over the case of DUI.
  2. Police Procedures: The toronto dui defence lawyer, states that there are some strict police procedures which should be followed by the people at the checkpoints. There is also a way to escape the checking system as they will follow the procedure only in the observation of their lawyer.
  3. Legal Process: For every system there is a legal process which should be known by everyone. Any person who has excessively drunk and not in a condition to answer the officers then they can be taken to the station and their vehicle would also pulled over the case. After setting the condition the person has to pay the penalty and take the vehicle back.
  4. Potential Outcomes: In any case the person has found guilty in the DUI case then the penalty depends on the previous records. The first timers would get around 6 months suspension over the license and had to pay fine according to the law.
  5. Insurance on vehicles: According to the toronto DUI law firm, there are 70% chances to increase the rate of vehicle insurance if anyone has found guilty in the case of DUI.

There are many people who still don’t know the rules and legal process for the DUI law. It’s better to follow the legal rules and avoid the impaired driving.

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