5 Misconceptions About Law Schools

The cost of education has been rising and like any other field, legal education is also increasing year by year. Anyone willing to get into law school needs to contemplate the investment of money as well as time. The student should think of different prospects and make the right decision before applying.

Given below are five misconceptions related to law schools, that will help you make a good decision.

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Your Law Degree will Open Doors for New Career in Any Field You Wish to Go

According to Toronto criminal law firms, you should go to law school only to become a lawyer. But do not anticipate that it will bring multiple career opportunities for you. The hard reality is, you wouldn’t be able to figure out the right career upon reaching the end of law school. What you will get is the law school debt.

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Your Law Degree Will Get You The Job Quite Easily

According to lawyers of www.krusecriminallaw.ca, if you graduated from a top law school and achieved a top position, there will be a few good opportunities for you. But, an average pass-out score from a second-tier law school will not bring you any good news.


You’ll be Able to Fight for the Poor Guys

If you are independently wealthy, you can advocate for the poor, fight for environmental justice, defend civil rights, etc. But if you are like the typical law school graduate today, you will finish with substantial debt. Public interest jobs are too low paying to accommodate a heavy debt burden. Some law schools have a debt-forgiveness program for people going into public interest jobs, but the salaries are so low that they are often hard to manage even in light of debt forgiveness.


You Will Be In the Court Fighting for Your Clients

Again, this is a myth for about 95% civil lawyers who haven’t seen the courtroom in their entire practice. Criminal lawyers Toronto have a different ball game altogether, but they also have years of experience, research, resources, and fame at their backs.

Myth 5: The Work Will be Intellectually Challenging

Early in your career, you will probably spend a lot of time reviewing documents all day rather than tackling great intellectual issues. Even litigators – many of whom go into law to argue exciting, constitutional issues — will spend most of their time researching mundane procedural issues at the beginning of their career.

What to do if you’re still deciding on going to law school?

Make sure you have a clear plan for how you will make that degree useful (and essential) when you graduate.

Find some practicing lawyers and spend time with them to find out what they really do for a living.

Don’t Panic If You Didn’t Know These Things

Rather, start doing some of the harder thinking that you put off and figure out how you want to make the best use of your degree when you do graduate.

The work you do now will surely pay off in the long run.

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