5 Reasons for Hiring a Compensation Lawyer

There are a number of work-related injuries. Some of them occur due to an employee’s fault and sometimes these injuries are caused by the negligence of an employer. If you have suffered a workplace injury that is causing you financial or physical troubles, then you might have to contact a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Some employees who are injured at work think their injury is a part of their job and that they’ll have to get over it. Sometimes your employer would tell you to move on rather than suggesting you to claim damages. Thus, if you’re confused about whether you should hire a worker’s compensation lawyer or not, then here are five reasons that will clear your mind as to when you definitely need to hire one.

1- Your Claim Has Been Denied

If your claim for damages has been denied by your employer then you must consider hiring a compensation lawyer. In fact, it’s not entirely uncommon for an employee’s claim to be denied and it’s good for you to know that you have the right to appeal. If your case falls within the boundaries of eligibility, then it’s a great reason to contact a compensation lawyer. An experienced attorney will know how to deal with unfair denials.

2- Insufficient Medical Coverage

If you think your compensation package is not enough to cover the costs of your work-related injury, then you should definitely look for legal representation. As a matter of fact, companies will always try to settle your claim with a very low amount in order to save their money. And this sum of money will fall short of your medical fees. Sometimes the agreement offered to you by your company doesn’t give you a clear idea if the compensation is sufficient enough or not. So, instead of signing an agreement in doubt, it’s better to consult with a lawyer first.

3- Your Injury Is Keeping You from Working

If you’ve incurred an injury that is keeping you from working properly, then you’re entitled for compensation, especially if you can’t return to work at all. In such a case you must consult a compensation lawyer who could guide you about what amount might be owed to you by your company. For a total disability you might be eligible for a weekly compensation and for a partial disability you might be entitled to receive a lump sum amount.

4- Your Boss Is Threatening You

It’s completely illegal if your employer threatens to fire you or cut your hours of employment if you file for claims. If your employer does that, they’re actually breaking the law. But this rarely happens because the employers know that doing so would be illegal. But this doesn’t mean it can never happen, and when it does contact a lawyer for consultation.

5- Your Personal Life Is Affected

If some of the most important responsibilities in your personal life are getting affected by your injury then you must a consult a lawyer. A lot of people get on with it thinking it’s a part of life, and they don’t realize that they might get a compensation for it. Thus, if you’re unable to do the things that make your life worth living because of your then you might be entitled to a worker’s compensation.

Lawadvice.com.au can help you with your compensation claims in the event of your work-related injury. Our lawyers always care about your well being.

There are so many other reasons to consult your case with a compensation lawyer. If you ever find yourself in a doubt, then contact us and find out what options are available to you in your case.

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