Apartment Or House, Which One Is Better?

There is one common fact we all know and that is – apartments are more popular on the real estate market forever even when they have the same price as some houses. But why is that so? Aren’t houses supposed to be better, because they are spacious and some of them may even have a backyard?  Daniel Bernstein real estate lawyer will show you to advantages and disadvantages of both options.


That is the reality. Even if it seems strange it is a lot easier to find a buyer for an apartment than to a buyer for a house. Houses and apartments are not the same, that is also a fact. House are bigger and more comfortable for some reason.

Large and non-functional

The biggest reason is size. The houses are too big and often do not meet the needs of modern families. Modern families do not have the time to take care of a huge house. With big house comes big responsibility. That is one of the reason people decide to choose an apartment. It is easier to maintain and clean and one can save a lot of energy too.

Many house owners who sell their houses have the same price for the property they sell. The price of the houses is often unchanged because it is considered to be of a greater value than apartments.

It is mostly older homes that is necessary to invest in a lot more, considering that the new owner will need to maintain and renovate the entire home, including the roof and basement. While with apartments that is not the case. You can just repaint the windows and decorate the balcony and you will have a new home.

Flat – box that is easy to maintain

Apartments are easier to clean, they have cheaper heating and cooling, as well as utilities. Infrastructure should be resolved in advance; city ​​gas, district heating, access road … It is usually a smaller space, but still it doesn’t mean that it provides less intimacy. Although there are some apartments where freedom of behavior is limited, and one should be adapted to the lifestyle of the community especially when it comes to the noise that comes from children and young people. Also, you probably won’t be allowed to keep a pet in the apartment if the neighbors are not fine with that.

The house is an oasis with a garden

The house always offers greater comfort than the apartment. There are garages or at least parking spaces. Lovers of gardens can arrange beautiful garden, plant flowers, fruits or vegetables, design a pool.

But the house is much more complex and more expensive to maintain than the flat; the cost of any repairs shall be borne by the owner, because there is no such requirement as in residential buildings.

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