Barbara Behrens Article- Child Support and Child Custody

When romantic relationships sour, children often suffer as a result. A former partner may refuse to pay child support or attempt to withhold access to the children because of anger or resentment about the end of a relationship. Of course, not every parent seeking sole custody is doing so to retaliate against wrongs done in a romantic relationship. Instead, parents may seek sole custody because of a history of domestic violence in the home or because of fears that the children would be in danger if in the possession of the other parent.

One of the challenges that people face in disputes over children is that it can be difficult for a person involved in a domestic dispute to determine whether or not they are behaving in a rational manner. It can be easy to be caught up in highly emotional situation and forget to focus on the best interests of your children. Unfortunately, many family law attorneys actually exacerbate this confusion because it results in more fighting, which leads to higher attorney’s fees.

St. Louis area attorney Barbara Behrens has made a commitment that children come first. If she cannot zealously represent you without also putting your children’s interests first, then she does not want to represent you. She has little patience for people who refuse to pay child support for their children and aggressively goes after deadbeat parents. She also works hard to ensure that children have access to both parents, unless there are safety concerns with access, and then she fights hard to ensure that what children’s need is put above what adults want.

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