Can A Law Firm Help In Fighting Against Eco – Crime?

Can a law firm such as help you deal with eco – crime? Yes, in fact every law firm has the ability to work on the favor of all citizens and stop the global problem of environmental crime, which is very common nowadays. Many practices related to the environment, are now prohibited (such as the use of certain pesticides, asbestos and waste material in buildings …) which were once allowed. One of the main ecological issues is the disposal of waste material which is highly toxic.

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How to sanction something that in the past did not represent a problem?

The development of science also affects the understanding of the sources of environmental hazards. The problem is that in the past there was nothing wrong about it, but today it is a big problem. It is necessary to adapt and to do everything to eliminate the risk, as it may have far-reaching implications of environmental crime on human health, other living creatures and nature in general.
Many of the dilemmas are now encountered in the production of hydrocarbons by means of “fracking”. For some, it is undoubtedly a controversial method, but its advocates see this as a conspiracy of oil multinationals who want to restrict potential competition.
However, the struggle for profits leads to creative flexibility and new solutions, which can also be problematic.
Penalties for legal persons are actually funny and this must change, because we are all created equal. Punishment of environmental crimes is very different, and there is a huge number of legal problems that lawyers have to deal with. Eg. Dutch government had to pay huge compensation to Shell, who was charged with trafficking in waste oil which resulted in erroneous definition of criminal conduct, although it was indeed a serious threat to the environment. It should be noted that the investigation of environmental crime is very complex and requires knowledge.
How efficient is the punishment for individuals for offenses and crimes of individuals?

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In comparison with the punishment of corporations in this area it should be noted that the punishments are not the same. In addition to the punishment the culture of the attitude towards the environmentshould be changed, as well as people’s awareness and preventive action.
Looking at the table criminal charges for criminal offenses related to the environment, it seems that it has been discussed quite a bit. How effective is the control of the competent services of any criminal offenses or offenses solely related to the environment in the world?
Given that it is a specific crime, the numbers are not surprising. In this area, the work of the police and other law enforcement agencies is developing slowly, but as in other areas, the social workers are always one or more steps ahead of the criminals.
As a problem in prosecuting mentioned before the poor laws implemented in the world are probably one of the main reasons why people do not take serious measurements. Or should regulators pay more attention to this issue?

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