How A Car Accident Attorney In Louisville Can Help You After An Accident

The repercussions of a car accident can be far-reaching for both the driver who is at fault and the victim. There are many busy roads in Louisville, particularly the busy Dixie Highway, where accidents occur frequently. Depending on the severity of the accident, contacting a car accident attorney in Louisville may not even cross their mind. Unfortunately, neither does collecting evidence that may be needed later on. Jerry McCullum of the McCullum Law Office says that taking pictures of the scene of the accident is always highly recommended.


Being in an auto accident is a terrifying and confusing time. In addition to assessing the damage to your own automobile and any injuries you may have incurred, there is also the concern for the other driver. Getting medical help for everyone who needs it should be a priority. When the accident isn’t major, it is tempting to move the vehicles off the road to prevent blocking traffic. This should only be accomplished after everyone involved has been checked for injuries and you access the safety of moving your vehicle.

Determining Fault

Another important step to take at the accident is to exchange information with the other driver. This includes getting their name and contact information and the name of their insurance company. Although there will be an accident report on file within a matter of a few days, this will be information that you will want to provide to the car accident attorney in Louisville when you consult them about your case.

The time of the accident is not the best time to determine if the accident was the other driver’s fault, your fault, or a combination. Emotions, pain and concern can interfere with your ability to accurately assess the situation. There may also be extenuating circumstances that you are not aware of at the time. The other driver may have been driving impaired, talking on their cell phone, or they may have fallen asleep at the wheel. There may also be more information about your own injuries that you don’t yet fully recognize. What seems minor at the time may be a more severe injury that is disguised by the release of adrenaline.

How a Car Accident Attorney in Louisville Can Provide a Clearer Look

An experienced car accident attorney in Louisville will have an in-depth understanding of the laws related to auto accidents in the state of Kentucky. After years of experience, he knows the types of injuries that occur with car accidents and the specific types of accidents that may cause injuries that surface after the initial impact. In addition, an attorney knows the legal process for filing a claim and has the negotiation skills to get you the best possible compensation.

Finally, a car accident attorney in Louisville is not only necessary to drivers, but also pedestrians or those riding other modes of transportation when they are struck. Any time an injury occurs and the other driver is at fault, contact a qualified attorney to have your case evaluated.

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