Common Immigration Related FAQs

You’d surely have some doubts on immigration services, and you want to remove them before spending for the process. Best think to avoid inconvenience is, start collecting material and read as much information on the web, as you possibly can. In this way, you will not only develop your own understanding, but also ask better questions to the immigration services.


Here are some questions people normally ask with Immigration law firm in Toronto.

What should I expect from immigration lawyer Toronto?

  • Toronto immigration law firms offer expertise, acquired from years of experience of helping clients like you successfully immigrate to Canada.
  • They provide customized immigration solutions suited to your specific issues.
  • They guide you every step of the way to get you, your family or employees legal status in Canada.

How much do immigration law firms charge?

Legal fees are always quoted to you during your immigration consultation. During the consultation, immigration lawyer listens to you and understands your situation, prior to giving you a quote. Expect a flat-fee instead of hourly rate.

Can they really help me?

Experienced immigration law firms have served hundreds of people with all manner of immigration issues. So, they always find a solution to every situation.

How can you hire them?

After the firm offered proper consultation and determined that it can help you for immigration process, comes the next step. You will receive an email of a complete retainer agreement.

The retainer agreement outlines:

  • The fees,
  • Obligations of the firm,
  • What is expected of you, and
  • Refund policy

Your file will be opened within 24 hours and you will get and email pertaining with preliminary list of essential documents. The firm will also immediately begin to gather the information needed to complete any application forms, submissions or other legal documents.

During the processing period, you will be updated on the status of your file and once your permit or visa is ready, you will be informed.

How can the firm help you when you live in another country?

Immigration Laws are federal so they can represent you irrespective of the province or country you live in. You can contact them via skype, email, telephone, email and fax.

Do you really need an immigration lawyer Toronto even after getting so much information online?

You need a lawyer and not just any lawyer, but one with years of specialized immigration experience. If you had a cavity, you would never think of doing anything else except visit a dentist will you? You certainly wouldn’t expect to receive treatment from your family doctor would you?

The same applies here. You need a lawyer but most especially you need an Immigration Lawyer.

  • How would you know if you make a mistake? Can you really afford a mistake? Do you want to take a chance and waste years of time and efforts? Do you want to jeopardize your future plans?
  • Have you ever successfully completed an immigration application before this one? Do you want to use your application as a test case? Canada Immigration Laws change often and can be complex.

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