What To Expect From Divorce Mediation In New York

Some people never expect their marriage to end in divorce. They may believe that they are in a happy marriage that will last a lifetime right up until the time their spouse tells them they want out of their marriage. Others have a hard time living together peacefully early on and “ride it out” until they are no longer prepared to sacrifice their happiness. Regardless of the road that leads to divorce, it can be difficult to know what you should feel or how you are expected to behave once the divorce process has started. For many couples who have opted for divorce mediation in New York in lieu of traditional litigation, the process has been less painful and, in some cases, enlightening.

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Attorney, and now divorce mediator Sabra Sasson discovered a talent for helping others because of her own experience going through a divorce. Couples who have been together for only a few years or for decades go through a gamut of emotions and often face the fear that comes from suddenly being alone and self-dependent. A relationship that was built on love and shared dreams can suddenly turn into a war with each spouse trying to get the most from each other. For those who choose divorce mediation in New York, a lot of these emotions are alleviated.

A More Peaceful Approach to Divorce

Divorce mediation takes place in a peaceful and more respectful environment than in a courtroom. It allows each spouse to talk about what is important to them and discuss what types of compromises they are willing to make. They aren’t put “on the spot” in front of a bunch of confrontational strangers that make them feel the need to defend themselves against a process that they are already suffering from.

Removing the stress and anxiety from divorce gives each spouse the time and the focus they need about their future and consider what they might be able to do that their marriage was holding them back from before. They might discover new talents or take the first step towards a new and exciting career. It is difficult to say that a divorce is ever a positive experience. But it is possible to make something positive happen because of the opportunity that the change in your lifestyle has brought about.

The Top Reasons Most Couples Choose Divorce Mediation in New York

The two top reasons for choosing mediation is that it costs a lot less than litigation and it takes less time to resolve. For those individuals who know what their next step as a single person will be, getting the divorce settled quickly allows them to move forward with their life. For those who don’t know, it offers the opportunity to start looking for new interests and new adventures that might never have been discovered otherwise.

The popularity of divorce mediation in New York continues to grow as more couples realize that divorce is not only the end of a lifestyle; it is also the beginning of a new one!

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