Hartford Firefighter Rear Ends Car in DUI

Drunk driving is a huge crime across America. The sad part is that even the officers who know intimately the consequences of driving inebriated are no better when it comes to staying away from the booze. In Hartford, Connecticut, a firefighter has been arrested a few days ago for a DUI violation. The firefighter allegedly drove drunk and crashed into a car in Farmington. And then, had the audacity to leave the scene of crime before the responders arrived.
According to DUI attorneys in Milford, Connecticut, this is not the first time that the firefighter Jeffrey Vendetta has been accused of breaking law. The fireman has now been put on administrative leave. According to police reports, Vendetta’s BAC was found to be about three times the legal limit. His actions on the night of November 13th saw him crashing into a car stationed on Farmington Avenue, somewhere near the I-84 on-ramp. The accident occurred around 9:37 local time.
BAC at three times legal limit
The car that Vendetta ran into sustained heavy damage and the driver had somewhiplash injuries but he was otherwise fine. He did not need any medical attention. An eye witness told the police that the driver who caused the incident fled the scene. Investigators were then directed to Brickyard Road where they found Vendetta’s car with fresh damage to the front end. Vendetta was then given a breath test and the results were shocking!
His first test result stood at .2368, and the second one rang up .2362. The legal limit as any Milford, DUI attorney will tell you is a .08. Vendetta was clearly flying high that night when he decided to drive around town.
The Hartford police has charged Vendetta with driving under the influence, and evading responsibility. Minor charges of restricted turns and following too close are also included in the list.
Driver had priors
Jeffrey Vendetta is the son of a retired Hartford fire captain. He is also the nephew of a current fire chief. Vendetta has worked with the Ladder Company 6 for nearly 20 years. Eight years ago, Vendetta had been involved in another DUI incident when he hit a parked car on Park Road in West Hartford. The officers at the scene found Vendetta passed out behind the wheel and smelling strongly of alcohol. Prior to this, Vendetta has already faced the law for a DUI arrest in 2001.
In the 2006 case, he was charged with a DUI, failure to drive right, and evasion of responsibility. He is currently on administrative leave with pay and the fire department is waiting for the news of the trial to take further action against him.
Fire departments need an attitude change
Earlier this month, the Seattle fire department had come under the scanner for allowing drivers with multiple DUI convictions free reign behind the wheels. Vendetta’s case may prove that this particular issue is a wide spread problem among fire departments across the country and that a change is needed, immediately. The brothers in red believe their brothers in blue will back them every time. Well, when you are acting like a fool in society, that is when the backing needs to stop.

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