Who Is Held Liable In A Truck Accident?

There are large numbers of accidents in the trucking space every single day. The collision of a semi trailer truck and a car almost always leads to a fatality or critical injury to the small vehicle driver. With over 500.000 collisions occurring annually in the USA, it is important that you should be aware of the implications of the legal ramifications of your case.

Fixing the liability

The Vancouver truck accident lawyer will help you explore whether you can fix employer liability. This fixes the fault and can be the basis of further prosecution. The trucking company might be the owner of the rig and may be held responsible for the accident, if the driver can show that that he was well within the means of his employment structure at the time of the accident. There should be a detailed investigation at the scene of the accident to effectively fix liability. This step may also include taking statements from the witnesses who were present at the site.

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What kind of injuries was sustained at the time of the accident?

It is mandatory to show that you have sustained physical injury or damage to pursue a monetary claim successfully against the liable party. The lawyer must also prove that the injuries sustained by the victim were a direct result of the collision. The nature of the injuries will also determine what the compensation figure could be. The compensation generally includes the medical costs, loss of income, and punitive compensation in case of physical disabilities.

Ensure that the compensation money is available

Once liability is established, the lawyer will ensure that the amount is available with the perpetrator. It is important there is adequate insurance coverage to pay the compensation. If the party at fault does not have enough insurance another option would if you have coverage on an individual insurance policy that covers accidents that have resulted from uninsured drivers. An additional option is whether to pursue an out of court settlement rather than proceeding to trial. If liability is established the faulty party offers to compensate you without the expense of a trial, it can be a valid option.  But if you are not offered an adequate and fair settlement, it can prove to be worthwhile to proceed to trial.

A reputed Vancouver truck accident attorney can explore the best options for your case.

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