Insurance Coverage for Mobile Mechanics

As the world is becoming very fast paced and based around more convenience, more and more people are out there looking for ways to get things done efficiently. As a result of t his, mobile mechanics are seeing a boom in popularity.


If you have been working as a mobile mechanic, then you need to know that you can work on your client’s vehicles and then drive them when required whilst being covered for accidents and other kinds of risks. Fortunately, there is a particular type of mobile mechanics cover you can take out that is designed for people who work in the motor trade and have to be covered for multiple vehicles.

With motor trade insurance, you will be covered for any client vehicles that you work on as well as on your own car. You can choose what level of coverage you require as well. Just as it is with the regular car insurance, you can opt for a third party only cover, third party, theft and fire or fully comprehensive cover. Some of the particulars are different when it comes to coverage for mobile mechanics however. For instance, you can have additional features added like cover for your tools. This is generally included in a fully comprehensive policy as a standard though.

One extremely beneficial type of coverage that is always recommended for mobile mechanics is the public liability. There are several different scenarios where public liability cover, for instance if you work on a client’s vehicle and it then breaks down some time later because of an unrelated matter, you could find yourself facing an unjust liability claim. It is in times like this that you will be very satisfied you have such cover in place. We insure mobile mechanics

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Your work as a mobile mechanic perhaps not be your full time vocation. If so, this is not an issue. Motor trader insurance covers can be taken out on a part-time basis, covering time period as low as only six months.

If you intend to save more on your insurance cover than an excellent approach to do this is by paying for the cover upfront, rather than annually. Even though this perhaps not always be affordable, it does not allow you to negotiate a lower price for your premium. If you are getting a short term cover, then you must consider paying upfront if you want to bring down the cost.

You can acquire insurance quotes for mobile mechanics as easily as it is possible. If you would like to have tailored quotes, you can even ask the service to provide you with that so that you can make a better decision in this regard.

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