The Meaning of DACA Demystified

DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was a watershed immigration policy instituted by President Barack Obama in 2012.It signifies the right of any immigrant who is undocumented and has arrived in the USA as a minor to seek temporary work authorization and stave off deportation for a fee. It was called the Dreamer’s Movement, as it seemed like the culmination of the dream most immigrants see of joining the mainstream American life.

If someone has been in the USA since January 1st 2010 and is below 16 years of age, or are parents to a child who is a US citizen or has a lawful Permanent Resident status and are meeting the other parameters that are necessary to seek citizenship, President Obama had made it possible to seek DACA/DAPA. In November 2014 Obama had stopped the deporting of 2 groups of immigrants who meet the basic requirements. If all the requirements are met the immigrant can apply for a social security number, permission for travelling to their native country, and applying for a drivers’ license. This is referred to as Deferred Action.

How will Donald Trump administration change the scenario?

To the consternation of thousands of young immigrants who have applied for DACA, President-elect Donald Trump is not in favour of continuing the policy. In fact he has vowed that he will build a wall that stops immigrants from entering the country. Nearly 665000 DACA recipients are on tenterhooks. Obama has urged Trump not to scrap the project as it impacts the life of many children who have been brought to the country by their parents on the premise of a pathway to citizenship.

It is the opinion of most New Jersey immigration attorneys that if DACA were really to be terminated, the documents in favour of employment authorization would be still valid till the date mentioned in regards of the expiry. But there is a clause that is a little contrary. It mentions that the authorization is valid only till the DACA is valid. This could be a major bone of contention.

Immigration groups on the lines of the National immigration Law Center are currently suggesting that fresh applications should not be filed in the present political scenario. It is advisable that you see a New Jersey immigration attorney for an update on your application.

Documents needed to apply for Deferred Action

Although applications are not being accepted currently, the documents those are required for application should be kept in readiness. Financial records, educational records, medical records, military records, birth certificate, passport copy and two photographs are required. It is also mandatory to have a drivers’ abstract and a valid criminal check to apply.

The future of the immigration policy is in limbo till the Trump administration takes a stance in the coming months.

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