Nevada Wonders if President’s Immigration Reform is Just an Election Ploy

It is little wonder that the President’s announcement of his executive immigration reforms were followed up with a trip to Las Vegas where he hoped to rally support for the policy because he does not want to see it go down in flames slowly like his health care law is.
Nevada has, at last count, one of the biggest immigrant populations in any state in the country. 7.6% of Nevada’s population calls itself an immigrant, and in 2012 they made about 12% of the total percentage of voters in the state. The recently made hybrid Americans though may not be able to vote though.
Beyond Presidential Authority
Primarily Hispanic and Latinos, this section of the Silver State’s population has been increasingly swayed by the government’s apparent pro-immigration propaganda and has been voting Democrat since they know Democrats are keener on handing out free money to those that are unskilled, do not know English, lazy, and seem to have children sooner than they should. Many established American Latinos though are not too happy about this new immigration law because they know that the President does not have the consent of Congress to do what he did.
Latino Vote Crucial for 2016
Nevada’s Latino population makes up a huge difference in the voting statistics in elections. In the 2000 election, Democratic nominee Al Gore won Latinos in Nevada by the margin of 64% to 33%, while Obama won the immigrant vote 71% to 24%.
This year, the Hispanic vote in the state was all over the place and the GOP won Nevada back. Republicans have long alleged that the main reason behind the executive action was to divide the Republicans and make it easier for the Democrats to win the 2016 Presidential election but with ISIS, the ACA, the weak economy, Keystone, and so on, the Republicans may be poised to take back the White House. (you wish fish)
Nevada has been doing pretty well with the immigrant population right at its doors. The state gives driver’s cards and in-state tuition privileges to undocumented immigrants even though many of them cannot read English and do not pay taxes, respectively. But these efforts are only temporary. As immigration attorneys in Nevada say, the President’s unilateral action has only given ‘false hope’ to millions of undocumented residents. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval too urged the President to work towards a more bipartisan solution and not take an autocratic approach towards reform.
Some Students not Happy with Reform Policy
When the President made his speech at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas, which has a sizeable immigrant population, he was heckled by students who wanted to know why he had left some of the immigrants out of his reform policy. These students are obviously extremely ignorant on the constitution and where America stands in terms of national debt.
There are many students in the state whose parents may now be able to obtain citizenship which will be taken away from them in the next couple of years when this immigration bill is defeated in the courts. But some illegal citizens could be hurt by Obama’s bill because they do not have a green card or a child in America. That is incredible, America’s law motivates illegal immigrants to have a baby just to put them in a better situation in terms of immigration.
The ‘dreamers’ that the President so proudly talks of were the first to taunt him for not being comprehensive enough in his policies. No one said it is easy being President! Obama was certainly probably trying to think of the nearest golf course when being put through this irrational teenage wringer.

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