Raiser & Kenniff: The Leader in Divorce Law Suits

For every couple going through the bitter phases of divorce and separation it isn’t always possible to figure out properly what is best for them. The mental turmoil and the unfavorable circumstances that arise out of such situations are hard to be dealt with. Raiser & Kenniff has been for more than the past 40 years been delivering the best services to their clients with issues regarding matrimonial discord and divorce. Raiser & Kenniff Matrimony and Divorce related legal services have been provided to the people of NYC and Long Island for decades.

There’s no one better than Raiser & Kenniff

No one understands the situation better than the Raiser & Kenniff owing to their long years of experience and practice in the field. The firm braces up to get the best results for their clients under the relevant legal provisions. Divorce laws have been changed and the new law allows the couples to get divorce from each for no fault of the other. The firm helps it’s clients to face the situation better and take advantage of the legal measures that have been provided to meet their own requirements. The firm has the best understanding of each case and no matter how complicated and demanding it gets the experienced and the highly skilled attorneys can turn the situation to the client’s favor by investing complete dedication and attention to the matters.

They deal only in cases they believe

The Raiser and Kenniff don’t take up too many matters and rather believes in paying cent percent attention to every matter they get. Each and every client is special and approaches the firm with their distinct requirements and the firm understands how to deal with each of these separate cases in their own different ways.

The areas of expertise of the Raiser and Kenniff are any issues relating to divorce, it can be litigation, or collaborative law or mediation, child support and custody and also modification on the previous orders passed on the child custody and support, division of assets between the couple, all the issues relating to domestic partnership and also Gay divorce and prenuptial arrangements. The firm has through its years of dedicated services to their clients has earned acclamation and respect from the judges, lawyers and the people. It has been consistent in its services and earned experience over the years in this fields. It has also been recognized as the best law firm in its area by different review forums like the Awo.

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