Reasons To Have A Family Lawyer To Hold Your Hand Through Your Divorce

The year 1987 ushered in a new beginning for marriages in Toronto and Canada as a whole. A new bill was passed that made the entire divorce process easier, shorter and far less stressful. While the intention at the time was good, the ripple effect that this law has had over the years is far reaching and has, for the most part, encouraged divorces. Today, the family picture of dad, mom, children and a dog, or cat is rare and single parent families are on the rise. Research shows that in the last decade, divorce rates have increased to 38% from the previous decade.

If you are looking to start the divorce process, you might be tempted to use one of the many online tools available to get the process over and done with. If both parties involved are in agreement and are committed to seeing the marriage come to an end without financial or legal battles, then the online tools may be of help. However, if things are not as straight forward, probably there are children and some assets involved, then the process should be handled by a professional in the industry. Sure it’s tempting to handle the process on your own, but there are some benefits and reasons why you should not represent yourself in a family court.

You are clueless in matrimonial law and family court proceedings

Regardless of what you might think, and despite the many law movies and videos you might have watched, you should not be tricked into thinking that litigation is a simple process. For starters, self-representing litigants in family courts are not provided preferential treatments. Judges hold them in high esteem and expect them to act and behave as fully fledged lawyers in the court. Sure judges are human and are compassionate, but if you lack in evidence and necessary steps in your case, the judge may be forced to rule against you. Remember, in a court of law it is not a matter of what is right, but a matter of what can be proven and is provided for in the law. Radley Family Law is an expert in matrimonial law and understand all its requirements. As such, it is highly unlikely that they will be unprepared while in court.

You need objective advice during such an emotional time

Divorce is tiring. It can take a toll on one physically and emotionally. You may be overcome by feelings of fear, depression, confusion, rage, betrayal or resignation. Such emotions can render even the strongest of persons unfit to make objective decisions and choices. A divorce lawyer is free from the emotional roller coaster allowing him/her to be objective and sane in demands made in court.

Family lawyers can provide alternative options

Family lawyers solve cases similar to yours for a living. As such, they can predict the various outcomes for you before you decide to take it to court. This way, they can advise on the best way to settle the divorce. He might even introduce options you had not taken the time to consider. This will help avoid delay and more hurt.

With the rise of divorce in Toronto, the number of Divorce lawyers has also risen. Choosing the very best in the industry is no longer as easy as perusing the yellow pages and making a call. Take your time, ask around from friends and family, read online reviews and ratings before you can make a decision.

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