How To Restore Courier Fraud

Scammers often try to present themselves as employees of the bank or police officers, and to inform you that there are certain problems with your debit or credit card, for example, they say that the card was being misused (taken a certain amount from the account). Ask Jay Passi Criminal Lawyer for more.


Usually they say they will take the card and PIN for investigation, prevent further abuse or refund. It can also happen to be asked to enter your PIN in the phone, and say they will send a courier to take your card. In addition, they may ask you to pick up a certain amount of money from an account or buy an expensive product, and provide it to courier and thus assist in an ongoing investigation. Also you can try to persuade them to transfer funds to a new, “safer” account. This is another dangerous form of crime and is very common these days.

People must be very careful and not trust strangers. You may also receive a mail that will report that there is a certain problem with your credit or debit card and you will be asked to enter your user name and password. Make sure you check everything with the bank, call them directly before you do anything. People can easily be tricked into these things because thieves are very convincing. They will keep saying that you have problems with your card and will offer their immediate assistance to help you with that.

What should you do?

Banks and police will never ask you for PIN numbers, credit cards or cash, nor will urge you to buy expensive products or transfer money to other accounts. If someone calls you and asks you to do any of the above, terminate the call. Always check whether the call was interrupted before actually calling your bank or the police and report the case – wait five minutes or take another phone. Do not panic and stress out. There are all kinds of people but the important thing is to stay calm and to what’s best. Report the case and wait for the bank and the police to solve the problem. You have the right to ask from the bank to provide better protection for your money.

Report fraud with couriers

If you think that they have contacted you or someone is on your doorway who said that he/ she was sent by the bank, immediately call the police. The sooner you call them the better. Make a call to someone else’s phone, not the one in which you called a fraud. The fraudsters often leave the line open to you in the position to prevent, and even make sound dialing to think that your line is free.

Make sure you report these things on time, so that the police can find the person who did the crime.

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