Secure the Largest Cash Settlement with a New York Auto Accident Attorney

The very first call that you should be making after you have been involved in an auto accident and are already getting medical assistance is to the New York auto accident attorney. Regardless that the police report clearly shows you were not at fault, try to go up against the insurance company lawyers without the right legal representation and you will lose in court.

These are a few of the reasons to be working with an auto accident lawyer New York professional.

Providing You Piece of Mind
One of the issues with being in an auto accident is that many people don’t know what to do next. Concerns of losing time at work, falling behind on bills, and seeing the right doctors, being to weigh heavily and often cause victims to get over-analysis paralysis and do nothing. Your auto accident lawyer New York professional will consult with you soon after your call, and clearly lay out what to expect next, how you will be treated by the best medical professionals, and what is involved during a trial.

Gathering Important Accident Evidence
While you are suffering with your injuries, imagine trying to collect evidence to support your side of the story. Your New York auto accident attorney is already on the job, sending out their own accident investigative team to the location of the incident where they will take photographs, take a video, make key measurements, and even locate and speak with eyewitnesses. These efforts help to preserve the scene so that judge and jury have a clear visual understanding of what happened that day.

Securing a Top Cash Settlement
The insurance company pays their lawyers a fortune to save them from paying huge settlements. Your attorney is going to represent you and fight on your behalf to get the maximum cash settlement. The law firm will gather all the collected evidence, consult with your doctors, determine how the injury will impact you mentally and physically moving forward, and present the insurance company an offer they will pay or have to go through a lengthy trial.

As you can see, there’s more to these personal injury cases than just thinking you were not at fault and deserve to be compensated. Your New York auto accident attorney will put together the pieces so the responsible party makes good on covering your medical bills, loss of wages, and future ability to earn.

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