Storage Solutions for Law Enforcement

Storage Systems for law enforcement are specific yet varied. You need to solve for weapons and tactical gear, evidence, case files, legal documents, to name just a few. Let’s look at the variety of weapons and tactical gear storage needed in most law enforcement facilities.

Most law enforcement facilities need weapon storage that is configurable depending on the type of weapons used in each facility. The best option is somewhat modular in nature with slots that take the stock of rifles, shotguns, or riot guns and have multiple options for holding the barrels at differing heights. These racks will also have holding racks for hand guns or other semi- or automatic weapons that are not as long as long-barreled guns.


Sometimes these storage units will have a pegboard type of backing that allows for moving racks, slots, and holders around to suit need. These are the most flexible storage lockers in the long run as they can be rearranged multiple times quickly and easily. Secure weapon storage lockers will have sturdy, lockable doors that are tamper-proof and near-impossible to break into. Some are available with double or even triple locks for added security.

The best lockers will have additional storage available for ammunition and accessories such as scopes and bullet clips. You can usually get them in differing heights, and most are also available with pull-out work shelves built in. The units should maximize every inch of space as law enforcement facilities are often short on available room to hold everything that must be contained in them.

Lockers for tactical gear storage come in several versions. There are solid walls and doors, or perforated for air circulation and being able to view the contents. These units are solidly built and are usually modular in nature so they may be situated in the space available to the best use of that space. They can be secured and lockable, but should be easily accessible for emergency needs as well.

Evidence storage is supremely critical to law enforcement as the legal implications are clear. There must be traceable chains of evidence and proof that the evidence has been secured. Evidence storage should be air-tight, and have limited accessibility. There are short-term storage units as well as long-term storage components. These storage units also maximize available space and are somewhat modular in nature. Evidence storage units will have secure drop-off capability with a pass-through depository. They should include facilities for refrigeration or drying, and should offer the ability to deposit evidence without keys or having to rely on technicians to be present.

Case files and legal documentation is often well-stored when using high-density mobile storage units. This storage option takes advantage of increasing the storage capability by about 50% or more, and is highly secured. There are additional file storage options as well that can take hanging files, and include shelves and drawers for additional items that might not fit in files.

While there are many different needs for storage in the law enforcement community, there are also great storage solutions to meet those need that save space, time, effort and money.

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