Taking The Fight To Your Insurance Company

Insurance is there to help you offset the expenses of treating an illness. If you live up to your end of the bargain by paying the bills when they come due, they should live up to theirs when you fall ill. This is a reasonable thing to assume.

You have excellent insurance that you have been paying into for years. It is supposed to cover the kind of treatment that you now require. You have not missed a single payment, and you have abided by the terms and conditions of the agreement. Now that you are sick they do not want to cover your bills. They are trying to play up some obscure passage in your policy to deny your claim.


This is, unfortunately, a common practice among insurance companies. Their main aim is to maximize the amount of money they take in and minimize the amount of money they pay out. This often leads them into bad faith dealings—that is, the refusal to pay medical bills of policy holders who have fallen ill.

Don’t Take It.

Insurance companies who engage systematically in bad faith dealings with their clients can rarely be reasoned with. They cannot be moved by compassion or even the pointing out of the most glaring inconsistencies and errors in their arguments. They understand only one thing: the force of law. In most instances, the only way to get bad faith insurers to do the right thing is to sue them.

If you are being mistreated by your insurance company, if you feel as though you have essentially been robbed, then you need not take it. Get up and fight them. And the best means of doing so is working with a trial lawyer such as the ones to be found at http://mattsharplaw.com/. A sharp, skilled, and experienced trial lawyer can bring your insurance company to its knees. Such a lawyer can vindicate your rights as a policy holder.

Dealing With Bad Faith Insurers

Bad faith insurance companies have lawyers on their side. They are quite committed to defending their position, and for this reason may try trick, coerce, or cajole you into doing something that is not in your interest. Do not allow yourself to be bullied. An army of bad faith insurance lawyers cannot change the facts; it does not ensure their victory when your case is brought before the bar.

Working with a lawyer who has extensive experience in dealing with bad faith insurers will make it so that you are not drowned in paperwork and bullied into giving up your claim. You already have much to deal with in trying to make yourself well. Don’t try to take on your insurance company without professional help. Indeed, that is what they are counting on. You are in a vulnerable state. You are frightened and stressed. Bad faith insurers are counting on the fact that you will not have the energy or wherewithal to pursue a law suit. Prove them wrong. Protect your rights as a policy holder.

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