The American President is Desperate

President Obama has decided to put his unconstitutional immigration protection plans in motion because he sees his health care plan being legally undermined from every direction so he wants to do one more thing to harm America so he can put that on his horrendous record. The Republicans are vowing to oppose him tooth and nail because they know America cannot afford to pay for millions of illegal immigrants consuming all the social program resources.

But will the cost of opposing the President be another government shutdown? That could be the case; the Republicans have the wind behind their sails and the President realizes his legacy is looking pathetic at this point.

The Republicans have won over the House, but before their term begins officially they will have to participate in a lame duck session that will pass measures to fund federal agencies that will run out of money in mid-December.

Speaker John Boehner is being asked to attach language to the spending bill that would block new money for federal agencies and stop them from giving out new visas or green cards. But some House representatives, including House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers, who is from Kentucky, says that strict measures such as these could trigger a shutdown and warned that that is a road nobody would like to have to travel.

President is making Tall Promises, say Reps

Representative Rogers also said that though he wholeheartedly opposed any unilateral action by the President’s office regarding immigration reforms, he is afraid that the President is going to take a "hostage he cannot shoot". Immigration attorneys say that Republican leaders are in a heated debate over how to confront Obama’s plans for immediate reforms. The Republicans have control of both Chambers of the House for the first time in nearly a decade and though they would like nothing more than have the reforms thrown out of the door.

If they have to have a government shutdown to protect the American people then many conservatives say so be it.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest has said that the President, who is currently travelling in Asia, is nearing a final decision as to the exact measures he wishes to take regarding immigration in the country. Obama has repeatedly said that he would want to do something concrete by the end of the year considering he now realizes his Presidency has been a waste of America’s time according to millions of Americans.

Playing it Smart

Republican Speaker Boehner has said that his party would fight the President "tooth and nail" if he still continued down the path of immigration law reform that so many Americans oppose. He has declared that the Republicans will use every tool at their disposal to challenge the White House’s actions, but they would need to do so in a smart and responsible way that would not lead to a shutdown. Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon, who was the person behind drafting a letter signed by 50 House GOP members to Rogers, said that leaders should not rule out any options and that though a shutdown was not ideal, it may come to pass and one should be ready.

Using the Mandate

Immigration attorneys also think that it would be better if the Republicans used the mandate they have won after the mid-term elections to push back at the President, and use their legislative authority to curb any unilateral actions instead of arguing over ultimate scenarios. Either way, this just shows the world how desperate Obama is. It is too bad he is not as motivated as killing terrorists and creating high paying jobs for the middle class.

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