Thompsons Solicitors and Solicitor Advocates for Your Rightful Claims

Thompsons Solicitors and Solicitor Advocates have acquired the numero uno position in The Legal 500 list of best Solicitors and Advocate firms. Over the years the firm has earned its repute by delivering justice to people who deserve it. It follows a strong work ethic and represents the underdog or the down trodden and never the big firms or the Companies. The Thompsons Solicitors and Solicitor Advocates specialize in accident or injury claims and has brought justice to the 90% of the cases that they represent before the Court, check their website at . It successfully claims £1 million every week on the behalf of its clients. Apart from the injury or accident claims the firm also takes up matters that involve any kind of employment disputes.

Doing justice for a long time

It has been efficiently serving the country for years and brought many to justice. The highly skilled and expert advocates have proven their integrity a number of times and put their best foot forward to help every client claim their rights. Despite the Health and Safety legislation every year UK experiences thousands of work place hazards and some of which have even amounted to death. It is sad as to how many employees have to work at unsafe working conditions every day. Such injuries or accidents that occur at the workplaces may result in dire consequences and that might also have lifelong implications. Not everything that has been put to sake or all the loss can be compensated, but the Thompsons Solicitors and Solicitor Advocates can help in claiming the financial compensation for the loss that has been inflicted.

Helps a client in multiple ways

Apart from the workplace accident claims the Thompsons helps its clients in securing compensations from any type of accidents that include any kind of serious or fatal diseases, any kind of diseases caused due to unhealthy environment in the workplace, road accidents, cycle accidents, car accidents, medical products claim and various other services. If one has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence then the person is entitled to compensation depending on the seriousness and the magnitude of the harm caused and the Thompson’s make sure that its clients get every bit of what he or she deserves. At the Thompsons’ it’s not only just professionalism but also ethics as well. If required the representatives can come and visit the client at home or hospital as well. It can also help the clients get in touch with medical practitioners without paying any fee for it and also without any obligation.

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