Understanding Domestic Violence

The Twilight series was an instant hit with many young Americans. A love story involving vampires, werewolves, and humans is not something you get to see every day, after all. Whether you like Edward and Bella or detest them to the core, here is something you might not know about their intense love. If we go by the set of criterion put forth by the National Domestic Violence Hotline, their relationship can be easily qualified as an abusive one and one can even charge Edward with domestic violence. Surprised, aren’t you?  That’s exactly why you should read this article. It lists out the basics of domestic violence and tells you what to do if you are falsely charged with one.

What is domestic violence?

One of the main misconceptions people have is that domestic violence always involves physical or sexual abuse. Besides physical and sexual assault, there are many other behaviors and acts that come under its definition. According to the Domestic Violence Statute of Arizona, many abusive behaviors such as stalking, threatening, harassment, violation of protective order, intimidation, and malicious mischief can also come under domestic violence.

Another common misconception is that these kinds of behavior occur only in marital relationships. Wong again! The laws pertaining to domestic violence cover a wide range of domestic relationships including spouses, ex-spouses, children, grandchildren, romantic partners and their children, roommates, siblings, in-laws, parents and grandparents, to mention a few.

Dealing with false accusations

Relationships are complex and at some point or the other, disputes and arguments are likely to arise in almost every relationship. When assaults or abusive behaviors such as the ones listed above occur in a familial or domestic relationship, it calls for the active involvement of the law enforcement.  Due to the extreme gravity and attention such issues have gained over the past few decades, people sometimes wrongly use domestic violence charges. When charged with a false allegation by a family member or domestic partner, you need a domestic violence attorney to represent you.

Know the ramifications

Any good domestic violence attorney would tell you that such charges have grave consequences. Any weapon you own may be seized by authorities and an emergency order of protection may be issued against you. Further, you may lose the custody of your children or rights to visit them, not to mention the damage to your good reputation. So it is in your best interests to hire an experienced attorney if you are falsely charged with such a crime.

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