What Truly Influences The Cost Of Your DUI Attorney?

DUI attorneys are always in high demand. The DUI is one of the most common charges in America. Yet this has caused a large market to grow and evolve. You can have lawyers who cost thousands of dollars and paralegals who will even take on your case for free. In this article, we’ll go through the main factors that go into determining your attorney’s fees.

Reputation and Experience

The main factor is the attorney themselves. Attorneys are taught to charge based on their personal worth. If they have a reputation for challenging the police and getting their clients off, they’re going to charge more. It’s only natural because they will be in high demand.

Generally, older lawyers will always charge more than their younger counterparts. Novice lawyers will charge less because they need the experience of cases more than they need the money.

Check with your local bar association. They’ll be able to provide some insight into the most experienced lawyers and those who have recently passed the bar exam.


If the case is complex, it’s going to put more stress on the lawyer. There are many circumstances that go into the complexity of a case. Usually, if there are additional charges alongside your DUI, this is where it starts to become an issue. Here are some of the situations that would make hiring an attorney more expensive:

  • Refusing to take a breathalyzer test.
  • Higher blood alcohol levels.
  • Third-party injury.
  • Speeding/hit and run.
  • Children in the car.
  • Previous criminal history.

Time Constraints

The amount of time the attorney has to spend on the case will usually tie into the complexity of the case. It’s also a reputation issue. If a legal professional is in high demand, they can charge more because they’ll have a full schedule at all times. They have little time to spare, so eating up their schedule with a difficult case will warrant additional fees.

Tests and Examinations

If you’re determined to fight your case hard, the attorney could have to organize tests by independent labs. They might have to call in forensic toxicologists to administer blood and breath tests. There are also other tests that might be needed to prove you’re a confident driver in general. All of this costs money.

Every expense the attorney has will be passed onto you as part of the final bill. And you’ll usually have to pay a premium for taking up their time.

Furthermore, you don’t get a choice as to which lab they choose. The attorney will contact those who they’re familiar with. They won’t always target the cheapest option. Their job is to win your case, not to lower the costs of fighting it.

Overall, paying for the most expensive attorney might not be worth it unless you’re potentially facing jail. Make sure you shop around your local area. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your legal aid, otherwise you might as well not employ anybody in the first place.

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