William Babich- Truck Accident

While all auto accidents have the potential to be devastating, truck accidents pose a special risk to those injured by them. First, the obvious- trucks are very large, making it unlikely that a trucking accident will be a mere fender bender. A commercial truck can be as long as 75 feet and weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while most passenger vehicles are between 2,500 and 5,000 pounds. Second, truckers are under a ridiculous amount of pressure to get their loads places in short periods of time, which may lead them to skirt rules, laws, and regulations designed to enhance highway safety.

Drivers who ignore these regulations greatly increase the injury to victims. Third, truckers are often part of large companies who do not want to set precedents of high awards for injuries and might fight claims, even when they know they are valid.

Getting damages for personal injuries from trucking accidents can be a complicated process. Using an experienced attorney, like Denver area attorney William Babich, can help you relax about the process. In the aftermath of a non-fatal trucking accident, victims are often overwhelmed with trying to recover from physical injuries, dealing with the financial difficulties associated with the accident and any resulting loss of work, and trying to adjust to life as an injured person. Adding the pressure of a lawsuit or negotiation with insurance companies can provide stressors that prevent healing in other areas. Furthermore, it can impossible for a victim to adequately judge what lifelong expenses may result from a trucking accident.

Hiring an expert means that someone else worries about the legal struggles, so that you can focus on healing while William focuses on accident reconstruction, black box downloads, data interpretation, human factors, and trucking regulations. To schedule a consultation with William, contact him at 303-691-5222 or visit his website at: http://www.voicefortheinjured.com/.

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