For every couple going through the bitter phases of divorce and separation it isn’t always possible to figure out properly what is best for them. The mental turmoil and the unfavorable circumstances that arise out of such situations are hard to be dealt with. Raiser & Kenniff has been for […]

DUI attorneys are always in high demand. The DUI is one of the most common charges in America. Yet this has caused a large market to grow and evolve. You can have lawyers who cost thousands of dollars and paralegals who will even take on your case for free. In […]

Capital cities are typically the biggest cities in their countries. As a result, they often provide the most jobs to the national economy. However, it is important to look beyond this basic metric as a measure of whether capital cities are better for jobs. To do this, one needs to […]

Bear call spreads are a type of vertical spreads. They contain two calls that have the same expiration, but with differing strike prices. The strike price for the short call is below that of the strike price for the long call and both are above the underlying index or equity. […]

A trial attorney is a lawyer that tries cases before a jury or a judge. Most attorneys usually specialize in offering legal counsel and drawing contracts, but a trial attorney is one who specializes in convincing the court in defense of his or her client. But what does a trial […]

Almost everybody loves dogs, but dogs can be unpredictable, and dogs that are not well trained can be downright dangerous. Charges were recently filed against a Central Pennsylvania man by a deliverywoman who was subcontracted by Federal Express and who was simply doing her job in attempting to deliver a […]

Winter is Coming… This winter season has already presented us with remarkably challenging weather conditions ranging from blowing snow to bone-chilling cold, to roads turned quickly into sheets of ice. I had a call in to my plumber for an early morning appointment and he was two hours late because […]

Anyone can be a victim of an accident. However, some individuals are more at risk because of the work that they do. Those who are in construction, for instance, are often in danger because the places where they work are filled with hazardous things. More importantly, accidents that occur in […]